Parts of the Fiduciary Rule go into effect June 9 with full implementation on January 1, 2018.

You want to bet that will happen on January 1?

The Victory for the Fiduciary Rule May Be Short-Lived

DOL takes decisive action to keep the Fiduciary Rule intact for the near-term…

The Fiduciary Rule – Will The DOL Kill It?

There’s a new Sheriff in town! And he’s the DOL’s boss!

Do We Even Need The Fiduciary Rule?

OK, maybe there are a few “bad apples” and the Fiduciary Rule is needed to rein in these exceptions…

Death To The Fiduciary Rule?

“Death to the Fiduciary Rule” is the rallying cry of opponents to the Rule. Despite four court cases in which opponents were soundly defeated, the Fiduciary Rule may be on life support…